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Am I Pregnant?

Conception Questions and Concerns

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Welcome to amipregnant, your original guide to your most intimate concerns.

- Established 2003 -

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help you understand your body and what is happening to it. We are dedicated to maintaining our reputation as a forthright, helpful, and non-judgmental community. This is the place to detail your situation and receive an objective estimate of your or your partner's chances of pregnancy.


♥ This is a moderated community; your post must be approved before it will appear on the website. Posts are usually approved very quickly, so please be patient!

♥ After you have posted your initial question, we welcome follow-up posts. Please link back to your original post so we know your situation.

♥ Members of this community may only contribute support and correct information in a polite and respectful manner. No harassment, explicit or implied, will be tolerated.

User Survey

In order to give you the best possible advice, we have created the "Am I Pregnant" User Survey.

Please don't forget to include a SUBJECT LINE with your posts. :)


♥ Were you using any hormonal BC (pill, ring, patch, shot, etc.) or IUD? If you did, did you have any problems with it (missing/late pills, or did you recently stop using it)?

♥ Did you use any barrier methods (condom, diaphram) or spermicide? If you did, did you have any problems with it (i.e. the condoms breaking or coming off? If so, please describe what happened):

♥ Did you use the "pull out" or withdrawal method?

♥ Where did ejaculation occur (in vagina, in condom, outside body, etc.)?

♥ Have you taken Emergency Contraception (which is effective up to 5 days afterward)?


♥ How many days are usually between the first day of one period and the first day of the next?

♥ What was the date of the first day of your last period?

♥ When is your period due, or is it already late?

♥ What date(s) did you have sex?

♥ Please list any recent lifestyle changes that may have affected your cycle (new diet, exercise, medication, stress, etc.):


♥ Are you trying to conceive?

♥ Have you already taken a pregnancy test?

♥ If so, when, and what was the result?

♥ Is there any other reason to believe you are pregnant?

Further Resources

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     Helpful Hotlines

♥ 1-800-230-PLAN; Planned Parenthood Locator
♥ 1-888-NOT-2-LATE; Emergency Contraception Information
♥ 1-800-550-4900; Teen Pregnancy Hotline
♥ 1-800-772-9100; General Abortion Information
♥ 1-800-5WE-CARE; Post-Abortion Counseling
♥ 1-877-648-4400; National Adoption Center
♥ 1-800-656-HOPE; National Sexual Assault Hotline
♥ 1-800-227-8922; CDC National STD/HIV Hotline

     Other Recommended Communities

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