devotedxwhisper (devotedxwhisper) wrote in amipregnant,


♥ Did you use protection? What kind?Yes, condom. Everytime.

♥ Did you use the "pull out" or withdrawal method? sometimes. I don't think this time.

♥ Did you have any problems with your protection (i.e. condom breaking, missing pills)? no. but one time he came twice int he same condom. about feb 10? or so.

♥ Where did ejaculation occur (in vagina, in condom, outside body, etc.)? In vagina I think.

♥ Have you taken Emergency Contraception (which is effective up to 5 days afterward)? it's too late now.


♥ How many days are usually between the first day of one period and the first day of the next? I'm not entirely sure. I've never been too keen on keeping up woth it until now, but it's usually pretty close within the 21- 28 day regimen.

♥ What was the date of the first day of your last period? jan 25.

♥ When is your period due, or is it already late? I'm supposed to today, although we just stareted having sex and I heard that after something like that your cycle changes. also my eating habits have been really bad.

♥ What date(s) did you have sex? feb 15 & 10

♥ Please list any recent lifestyle changes that may have affected your cycle (new diet, exercise, medication, stress, etc.): I haven't been eating right, i know this.


♥ Are you trying to conceive? not by any means.

♥ Have you already taken a pregnancy test?no.

♥ If so, when, and what was the result?--

I'm so scared. My breasts are tender, but sometimes i think that might just be paranoia. please help me out.

I'd liek to say i was so careful all the time so i really don't think i could be, but that one time and the fact that as of tomorrow my period will be late is really getting to me.
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