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yobitch in amipregnant

I took a shower with a guy for about 5-7 minutes, just to get warmed up after jumping in a freezing cold pool. There was no sexual contact in the shower. There was not physical contact at all. I am totally paranoid that I am pregnant. Or am I just ridicuolous in thinking that he "could" have ejaculated, and it "could" have landed on me, crawled up my vagina, and got me pregnant? Or is that really really far fetched?

I did hear that sperm can crawl.

Anyhow I was not (according to my doc) anywhere near my fertile period.

My fertile window was Janurary 5-10, and this "shower incident" occured on Janurary 19th.

My last period was December 24 lasting til the 29th.

What do you all think?

Am I overly paranoid?


Yes, definitely paranoid! You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Try to keep this in mind, as worrying too much can cause a delay in your next period's arrival.
Ya, there is no chance that happened. Sperm can swim in fluid, but cannot "crawl". Even if the person did ejaculate, gravity would do it's thing and the semen would go down to the drain and die. You're fine. And if the person next to you ejaculated, I think you would notice.
I thought you were already 32 weeks pregnant? Do I smell a troll?
Ahh! I am not a troll, I was posting a question a friend of mine asked me. I guess I should have stated that in the question. Didn't think it would be a big deal.
I don't think you're pregnant hun. There had to be some contact there and stuff. But you're alright hun!
No chance in bloody hell. Sperm can't crawl, they aren't magical creatures. They can swim IF they're put into your vagina or RIGHt outside of it. But they can't swim from three feet away :)
You're being ridiculous. UM... did he cum? My guess is no. Sperm can swim through semen and vaginal fluid and thats about it. They don't have arms or legs.

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